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Arrahan Herbal Whitening Peeling Gel - TẨY DA ĐÔNG Y

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Product Info:

Arrahan Herbal Whitening Peeling Gel - TẨY DA ĐÔNG Y

Regular exfoliation will help your skin become brighter, rejuvenate your skin and keep it youthful. That's why we can't skip this skin care step. If you persistently exfoliate regularly and use whitening cream regularly, your skin will definitely be 1 to 2 tones whiter.

- Arrahan Herbal Exfoliating Cream is very popular with girls today. Thanks to the ingredients of 100% natural herbs, it completely cleans dirt and dead skin, but is extremely gentle, does not dry the skin, does not irritate.

Ingredients of Herbal Exfoliation Arrahan

- Arrahan Herbal Exfoliating Gel is completely extracted from natural herbs such as strawberry, coconut, cucumber, and honey. lavender ... The cream will help clean the skin, while also providing moisture to the skin, not drying the skin after use.

- Helps soften skin, brighten even special skin areas such as elbows, knees, heels or any skin area you want to lighten.

- Helps to make your skin whiter and pinker every day, bringing a youthful and radiant beauty.

Effect of Arrahan Herbal Exfoliating Gel 
- The product is completely extracted from natural ingredients, helping to gently remove dead skin cells.

The cream also helps to prevent aging and also has a moisturizing effect, helping to whiten and smooth the skin gradually.

- Light scent will make you feel refreshed

- The cream does not cause any irritation to the skin including the face and body.

- Suitable for use on face and body skin

- Suitable for all skin types