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Peptide Volume Neck Cream 120m

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Product Info:

  • Ergonomically designed gua sha & hard package for convenient massage: The curved package provides a comfortable grip without deformation regardless of the remaining amount. The integrated gua sha applicator allows massage at the same time as dispensing the contents.
  • Elasticity-specific ingredient that helps improve the elasticity of neck skin that is prone to wrinkles and difficult to treat
  • Rich moisturizing synergy ingredients form a moisturizing film that adheres to the skin, providing a moist finish without stickiness.
  • It is a highly concentrated formulation that rolls smoothly and is absorbed smoothly without stickiness or shine.

1. Move the head and align the arrow in the ON direction.
2. Press the top of the container (PRESS) to discharge an appropriate amount of contents.
3. Massage along the chin, neck, and collarbone lines, then press to absorb.
* After use, clean the remaining contents, dry thoroughly, and store with the lid closed.

Each person may have different effects.