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DongGil Cereal - Ngũ Cốc DongGil Korea

SKU CAK02160112

Product Info:

DongGil Cereal - Ngũ Cốc DongGil Korea

DongGil Cereal

Net WT:1.1kg (2.2g x 50ea)

Ingredients: Produced from brown rice, fragrant sticky rice, non-glutinous rice, sesame soybeans, green beans, willow seeds, chestnuts, pumpkin seeds..... Nuts are usually rich in fiber, so they are good for the digestive system and fight constipation.


  • Korean nutritional cereal flour for diabetics, dieters, especially pregnant women who need to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes, nursing mothers who want to lose weight and benefit milk.
  • Supports blood sugar stability, helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, anti-aging and controls body weight.

How To Use:

  • Mix 1 pack with 80ml hot water then wait untill the temperature of the water cool down and enjoy it.

This product is not a drug for the prevention or treatment of diseases.

Brand: DongGil

Made In Korea