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O Hui Miracle Moisture Ampoule 777 Special Set - Set Huyết Thanh O Hui Hồng

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Product Info:

O Hui Miracle Moisture Ampoule 777 Special Set - Set Huyết Thanh O Hui Hồng

O Hui Miracle Moisture Ampoule 777 Special Set

What's inside:
  • O Hui Miracle Moisture Ampoule 777......................7ml x 7ea
  • O Hui Miracle Moisture Ampoule 777 (sample).............7ml x 2ea
  • O Hui Miracle Moisture Cleansing Foam (sample)..........40ml


  • This Korean skincare is a moisturizing ampoule that aims to hydrate dry and dehydrated skin for 7 weeks.
  • It contains Chiffon Ceramide that can penetrate deep into the different skin layers to deliver the moisture and hydration it needs.
  • It also contains concentrated amounts of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients to nourish the skin and strengthen it.
  • A 7-week special program where the undiluted solution of concentrated Chiffon ceramide™ quickly restores the damaged skin barrier to maximize the moisturizing, ability of the skin-instantly upon application, the thick undiluted solution with high-viscosity penetrates thoroughly into the skin and provides intense moisturizing feeling. It also resolves various skin problems caused by dryness, so the program will present your skin an amazing change you have never experienced, after 7 weeks.

How To Use:

  • Step 1: Turn the inside cap counterclockwise to detach it from the container.
  • Step 2: Turn the built-in pipette cap clockwise to attach it to the container.
  • Step 3: After toning, apply the product to the skin from the center of your face outward until it is absorbed. It is recommended to re-apply the product especially to the dry area once more.

Note: One ample (7ml) is for one week’s use. It is recommended to use 1ml per day as marked on the graduated container. After using for 1 week, open a new container and repeat the above directions.

Brand: O Hui

Made In Korea