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L.linic Intensive LED Mask Premium Rose Gold 480 LED

SKU CAK0508231556

Product Info:

LED components

  • Total 480ea
  • Near-infrared ray(850nm) : 224ea
  • Red Ray(630nm) : 112ea
  • Red Ray(660nm) : 144ea

Duration of use

  • 10 minutes a day

This is a USB charging product that charges like a mobile phone. It is made for the Korean market but you can use the conversion plug or charge with the USA USB charger.

Color: Rose Gold

Included: LED Mask, Remote Control, Charger, USB Cable, Carrier, and Conversion Plug for US market.


  • L.linic is an All-in-One skincare product with 480 LED lights to improve your skin's brightness, wrinkles, density, firmness, and water-oil balance, reduce dead-skin flakes from the scalp, and prevent hair loss.
  • High-intensity lighting from the high-capacity battery reaches the subcutaneous layer of the skin and helps skin enhancement for deep intensive care. Near-infrared rays and red wavelengths are eye-friendly and safe from “blue light”.