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MEDI LAB Beer Fermentation Placenta Glutathione Peeling Body Wash 280ml - Tẩy Tế Bào Chết Medilab

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Product Info:


Super smart fermented draft beer technology combined with sheep placenta stem cells, Glutathione whitening ingredients, multivitamins, and rare natural ingredients...

- Helps remove rough, dry, ugly skin patches
- White size turns on instantly, overcomes blemishes of black skin, and dark skin brings natural pink and white skin
- Absorbs quickly, not greasy, helps the skin to breathe, controls oil, limits oil secretion
- Helps antibacterial, tightening, ventilation, anti-inflammatory, and pore inflammation
- Moisturizing, firm, shiny, smooth skin
- Eliminates impurities, and epidermal toxins and removes dead cells to help promote the regeneration of soft, young skin
- Added multivitamins to help rejuvenate skin, anti-wrinkle, and anti-aging extremely effectively
- In particular, care, anti-inflammatory, soothe sensitive skin, acne skin, acne, allergic skin rash, dull skin, dark color for a long time.

User manual:
Step 1: Let the skin dry - Take an appropriate amount of shower gel and gently apply on the skin
You will see the jade cream (Gomaju) working effectively to remove dry, dead skin.
Step 2: Wash the whole body with warm, gentle water. Use in combination with MediLab collagen & placenta whitening cream for the best effect.