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MEDILAB Whitening Placenta Cream Pack 290ml, SPF 5

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Product Info:

MEDILAB Whitening Placenta Cream Pack

1. Cellular Innovative Brightening -> Whitening effect revealed from inside of the skin by causing cell change

2. Functional Skin Tightening -> Skin elasticity filled with patented ingredients with technical fusion

3. Powerful Moisturizing Pack -> Revitalize with the vitality moisture of damask rose flower

4. Activating Direct Nourishment -> Moist moisture pack is absorbed deep into the skin to supply immediate nutrition.

Active Ingredients:

Placenta extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Titanium Dioxide, Eternal P, Red snow, Damask rose Flower water. 

How to use:
After taking a shower or bath, wipe off the moisture, take an appropriate amount, and spread evenly over the body like a massage.

Note: Applying to pigmented areas is more effective.